CAMEROUN: Deux présumés membres de Boko Haram interpellés à YAGOUA

Le pape demande à toutes les paroisses d’Europe d’accueillir une famille de migrants

Viewpoint: Munich migrant welcome shames Europe


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The Dan Broadcasting System is one of the several privately owned television channels broadcasting from Cameroon. Established in 2006, it started effective broadcast on the 1st of June 2009 under the management of a pioneer General Manager Nyoh Moses and a Technical Director Michel Tchade. Jean Martene NDI as the Director of Programmes and Production later joined the team of directors. It operates under law number………. Liberalizing the audio-visual landscape in Cameroon.
The Dan Broadcasting System is a filial of the Brobon Finex group of companies owned by Businessman Alhadji BABA AMADOU DANPULO. It is managed by a Board of Directors, which is the apex organ, chosen by the proprietor. The day to day management of the channel is carried out by a Managing Director appointed by the Board Chairman, a Director of Programmes and Production, a Technical Director, a Director of Administration and Finance. The Dan Broadcasting System is accountable to the Board of Directors for its activities
Domestic broadcasting is funded by proceeds from adverts and subvention from the Board Chairman. External collaborators also contribute by way of furnishing the channel with programmes for free.
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