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Simplifying the payment of taxes will still be one of the main guiding principles of the Inland Revenue Service (DGI in French) this year, we learned at the end of the last coordination meeting of the central, external and decentralised services of the Cameroonian tax administration, organised in Maroua, in the Extreme-North region.

Indeed, to maximise the collection of revenue in 2017, DGI announced, among other innovations, “the installation of electronic terminals for the payment of income tax and other taxes in tax administration services, as well as the implementation of a cash payment system at bank counters; the extension of tax payment by mobile telephone and implementation of a declaration system through mobile telephone for small taxpayers”.

According to the tax administration management, meeting the State’s collection targets assigned to DGI in 2017 goes through this type of initiative. As a reminder, FCfa 1,843 billion are expected from DGI this year, against FCfa 1,715 billion in 2016.


5 suspected highway robbers were neutralized this weekend in Ngoura, a border town with the Central African Republic, in the Lom-and-Djerem region In eastern Cameroon,by an elite unit of the national gendarmerie.

Five others were taken into custody, following a field operation take compelled the Cameroonian security agents to move across the border with the Central African Republic, A group of about 20 men suspected to be Central African nationals, had broken  up into small groups of 4 or 5, and had crossed over into Cameroonian territory to carry on armed robbery in the area.

Those arrested where in possession of hand-made weapons and ammunitions.The suspected highway robbers, were taken to the headquarters  of the gendarmerie in the Eastern regional capital of Bertoua, where they await prosecution.


Cameroonin athlete Faï Elvis Ndzedzeni, is the winner of the Men's category of the Mount Cameroon Race, 2017 edition, which took place this Saturday, February 25 in  Buea in the South West region.

In 2016, Faï Elvis, occupied the 6th place in the final classification, while Godlove Gabsibium came second, followed by Lyonga Essome in the third position.

For women, Lisette Ngalim won for the second time. After winning the 2014 edition, she was ranked fourth in the 2016 edition.

The 50 years old six-time champion, Sarah Liengu Etonge this time around did not feature in the for three for the women,but however, she crossed the finish line.

The winners each received  10 million CFA francs, while the second and third positions  positions went home with  5 million FCFA  and 3 million FCFA respectively .

600 athletes from 8 countries, including Cameroon, took part in this years edition of Mount Cameroon.

There was a poor turnout of fans to cheer the event as citizens of that region of Cameroon boycotted the ceremony massively.

The citizens boycott came as a result of the current anglophone crisis plaguing the area.Guinnnes Cameroon, which was a main sponsor of the event also pulled the trigger by cancelling its sponsorship this year.